Stewardship… On Ice

Stewardship... On Ice By Rod Woten It’s amazing how far ice fishing has come in the past several years. Devices like portable sonar systems, underwater cameras, fully rigged ATV’s and [...]

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Ice Fishing Reminders

Ice Fishing Reminders By Bob Jensen First there’s ice, then there isn’t. I promise, ice is on the way. When it gets here, if you keep the following reminders in [...]

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Iowa Gators Through the Ice

Iowa Gators Through the Ice By Nick Johnson I remember the first time I actually targeted pike through the ice using standard ice fishing gear. I had caught pike before [...]

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Using a camera to down-view

Using a camera to down-view By Steve Weisman Yes, it’s true. During the winter, I am a sight fishing fanatic. To me, it’s part of the rush: to suddenly see [...]

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