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Hot Weather Whiskers

By Nick Johnson In my early cattin' days I struggled like any beginner trying to succeed. Summer, hot weather catfish would sometimes find their way to my hook but the [...]

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Hard Water Channel Cats

By Eric Katzenmeyer For many anglers, the word catfish conjures up thoughts of heavy line, circle hooks and bait so smelly you don't dare touch it with bare hands.  Fishing [...]

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Dippin’ for Cats

By Jarred Marvin I remember the first time I ever took a quick sniff of dip bait. I can’t recall who I was with or where exactly, but I remember [...]

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Spring Time Channel Cats

By Brad Durick As spring fever begins to subside, rivers and lakes begin to warm. The northern rivers and lakes begin to open up after a long winter of being [...]

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Bank Poling for Cats

By Josh Bruegge It’s after dark and my friends and I have joined the creatures of the night. Our simple camp is set up on a sandbar and my friends [...]

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