‘Tween Topics

So, here we are.  You’ve made it through your first summer of serious research and development concerning your progress in the art of angling and now, instead of getting better, things [...]

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Float Tube Fishing

If you’ve read any of the articles I’ve written over the past few years, you’ve probably started to pick up on the fact that I’m a huge fan of fishing [...]

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Fishing Myth Busters

No matter how often you fish, or don’t fish there are many people that have certain beliefs about fishing.  What makes fishing better...what you can’t do when you fish.  There [...]

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Fishing Paradigms

“They’re not biting.” If, during the course of this season, you’ve taken up my challenge and made serious attempts to get out and take advantage of what you’ve learned here, [...]

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Targeting Bass on the Top

Bass anglers all the country have dozens of ways to trick a bass into biting. Some days we have to rely on slower baits, like jigs, Texas-rigs, Carolina-Rigs, drop-shotting, or [...]

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Swedish Pimple