Catch Your Largest Bass Now!

Last month we took a look at October bass fishing and the potential that exists to hook into some incredible catches. As October winds down air and water temps will [...]

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Try a Crankbait Now

By Bob Jensen I went fishing last week. We were after largemouth bass, and we were on a good largemouth bass lake. They were spread out over and along the [...]

By |October 21st, 2019|0 Comments

Fall Bass Tactics

October in Iowa… nature, as a whole, begins to transition from summer to fall. Average daytime highs will reach 68 degrees while lows will fall to the upper 40’s. By [...]

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Trollin, Trollin, Trollin

Anglers can troll with either a bow mount or transom mount electric motor, or with the boat’s main engine. I use my main engine most of the time, especially when [...]

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Don’t Be….That Guy

Throughout my life, I have stumbled across individuals who cause the rolling of my eyes. I’m sure, with a few reflective moments, you have experienced the same. This being brought [...]

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